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Why Muypil?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Save your budget

Save money by protecting your ads from bot attacks, fake and fraudulent automatic clicks with Muypil.

Increase Optimization

Since bots and software that leave the site in a short time will not be able to see their ads, your optimization will increase rapidly.

Raise Quality Score

Clicks with a high bounce rate will no longer see their ads, and thus your quality score will increase.

Rise To First Place

Because your keyword quality score has increased, you will now pay less for ads and thus rank higher.


Frequently asked questions

Muypil is a software service that blocks invalid traffic or fake clicks on your Google Ads advertising campaigns. Google Ads advertisers block invalid traffic, preventing bots, click farms, and other non-converting traffic from wasting their ad budget.

By reducing invalid traffic, Google Ads publishers can benefit from more efficient PPC campaigns, more effective retargeting and remarketing campaigns, and more detailed analytics.

You just have to press the register button and proceed as directed by the screens.

This only takes 30 seconds and even those without technical knowledge can start using the service very simply. Muypil will do all the installations automatically.

You can cancel monthly plans at any time. You can cancel your account and prevent it from being renewed before your package automatically renews. And don't worry, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

We know that in some months you will probably exceed the limits. No problem.

If you frequently exceed the limits, we may recommend that you upgrade your plan. Don't worry, we will never upgrade without notifying you in advance.

When you sign up, you will enter your credit card payment information. Your package will automatically renew every month unless you cancel it. It is automatically charged on your billing date each month until cancelled.

You can pay with credit cards.

There are no hidden fees or extra fees like "premium upgrade". Your monthly fee includes everything you need to immediately block invalid traffic.